Monday, September 15, 2008



Today is Monday...but my mind is not on Monday... it is on Tuesday.  Tuesday Night to be exact.

Tuesday Night at 9pm to be exacter.

Last week, Dr. Phil announced his new weight loss contest.  And on Tuesday night at 9pm, Dunder Mifflin staff will participate in their own weight loss program in the Season 5 pilot.

My predictions for Season 5 (some are long shots no doubt, some more obvious)...

  1. Kevin will try to hook up with a baffled Holly.
  2. Dwight and Angela will reunite
  3. Pam and Jim will relax the relationship a bit... I think Jim has cold feet and Pam will be ticked at his non-proposal.
  4. I wonder if Toby is REALLY moving to Costa Rico.... I'm guessing he's bluffing.
  5. I wonder if Phyllis will be bribed by Angela and Dwight to keep quiet.

Can't wait for Season 5!

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