Friday, September 26, 2008


On my word*of*the*day calendar today, the word is "yaw".

I like to play this game... where I guess what the word is before I read the definition.

So, today I read the word. I thought to myself. "Can I guess this word's meaning?" and I was like "yaw".

Then I thought I would call my friend and say "Why don't yaw come over tonight?"

Then I was thinking... I think donkeys usually say it... "eee.. yaw".

wrong. as if.

*1 of a ship : to turn suddenly from a straight course : swerve, veer
*2: to alternate

The gigantic wave caused our boat to yaw sharply to port, but thanks to some clever steering by Dad we were able to get safely back on course.

I will SO never use that word again.

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