Sunday, January 29, 2006

ah... it's clean

In honor of cleaning and de-germing, and sanitizing my flu infested house, I thought I'd take a minute to show you my favorite cleaning products and explain the "why" they are my favorite....

Okay... left to right...

Scrubbin bubbles --- this stuff works so well, literally, you don't have to scrub a thing!

clorox toilet wand refills - whoever invented this little deal should have won a big prize! Raise your hand if you think the toilet brush is the most disgusting thing in the world.... now you can just throw it away!

Dawn foam dishwashing soap --- which, by the way, doubles as hand soap. You can just squirt this right onto your pan and clean it. Works great on pans.

Lemi-shine --- the answer to EVERY person who is cursed with hard water spots on your glasses! Works great every time!

Amway Pre-Wash --- this stuff doesn't smell the greatest, it's kind of wierd smelling, but it works on every stain you can imagine! If it doesn't get it out, Nothing will... throw the shirt away. seriously.

Clorox Disinfecting wipes --- beware... these things are addicting. I am so not into stale stinky smelly dishcloths wiping off my counter. ew. one warning though -- don't use them on wood tables, it takes the finish off. We found that out the hard way.

Pursue Broad Spectrum Disinfecting and Deodorizing Spray --- this spray kills 99.99 percent of all germs... specifially this week, the flu virus. Spray it on your door handles, cabinet knobs, light switches, dishwasher buttons, anything people touch with their nasty germ infested hands.... kills all. And it smells good too.

Resolve Carpet Cleaner --- I don't care what the professionals say about not putting products on your carpet, this stuff WORKS!

There you have it... the tools of the trade... those little guys coupled with some fresh air on the two nice days we had this week, and we're good to go! Bring on the visitors!


shra said...

learn something new every day :)
i like the Method stuff at target, but I like it cuz of the packaging...I dunno how awesomely it cleans really.

leighdrea said...

Yay for clorox wipes. They work great for dorms!!!

Natalie Joy said...

Could you come over to my house with your little bag of magic tricks? I just feel like I can't quite get caught up since I've been sick.

Beefy said...

Ugh - I can't STAND dirty dishcloths! And I LOVE Lemi-Shine. Quite possibly the best thing ever invented. Then after Natalie's house, you can come to mine! :) See ya' then!