Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the best rice ever

It has been a long time since I've had the stomach flu.
I honestly cannot remember the last time.
Yesterday was the wierdest day.

I was at work...
and Shawn wasn't there yet.
I started to notice my stomach was hurting a little.
I called him (to find out where he was)
He wasn't sure he was coming in..
He had a stomach ache.
"I do too... I wonder if we're getting something".

seriously, within the next 20 minutes my stomach went from "kinda" to "BAD"
He found someone to cover for his afternoon appts.
I didn't have any , so I just went home.
So did he.
It was 1pm.

Lindsey was already home ... recovering from a head cold.
So, we went to bed.
I think she picked the girls up from school.
I think she took Em to dance.
I think she got them some supper.
I think she bathed them.
I think she helped with their homework.
I think she put them to bed.
What a trooper. What an amazing daughter. I love you Lindsey. Thanks.

I'm pretty sure I didn't see anything except the back of my eyelids and the bathroom toilet.

We both slept... and ... well, you know...
literally, until this morning. I got up and took the kids to school today.
Then, went back to bed again.
Until about 1:00 this afternoon.
exactly 24 hours.

Then, I ate rice.
It was the best rice ever.


leighdrea said...

Thats good your finally eating?!\

Hope you feel better, get lost of rest!

hannahjoy said...

aww the stomach flu... hope you're back up and running soon!

Natalie Joy said...

That is EXACTLY how it hit me, too. I was driving 40 min. to my group location and felt kind bad, by the time I got there it was really bad. So, I literally turned around and went home. Did the same as you till about 1:00 today. Thank God my awesome mom-in-law was here to take care of the kids. Glad you're better.
Should we blame Heth for the flu? She had it first.

Beefy said...

Hope it's all better by now!

I woke up with a sore throat and losing my voice this morning, and Tiffany was up every hour and a half last night with a cold. Tis the season. Hmm....maybe we should go to the doctor........

Angela said...

Well, you looked great last night with your rhinestone-studded sweatshirt. So glad you are feeling better. So glad I didn't get it yet.

Rev60 said...

I hate being sick. Especially when your used to being on the move all the time. You'd think the time down would be great, but it's beginning to drive me a little crazy. Glad to hear your doing better. I guess when you've got such close friends and family we just love to share the wealth, even when it comes to illness.