Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas is over

Christmas is over. It's official.

Emily informed me on Dec. 28 that Christmas wasn't over until December was over. So, darling Em, I'm sad to say... Christmas is officially over. It's January now. I have proof.

Exhibit A - Your dad and I have returned one college student to school. We drove 8 hours in the fog all night long, coming home at 4am to plop our sleepy bodies into our bed.

Exhibit B - College student #2 had her friends from college come and visit as one last fun night before going back to school. We made a great dinner... and the best part is that she cleaned the entire house! (thanks Haleigh!) it's about time.

Exhibit C - You have returned to school. it's about time.

Exhibit D - I feel better. You know how I was sick the ENTIRE Christmas vacation? Well, now that I no longer have any days off work, I'm better! Isn't that GREAT? (grumble grumble)it's about time.

Exhibit E - The decorations are down. Well, with the exception of the few odd pieces here and there that we forgot to put in the boxes. But, hey, we have until Valentine's Day right? it's about time.

Exhibit F - All my children have now officially begun birthday lists. Lists of things that you want for your birthday, lists of things you want to do for your birthday, lists of things birthdays are good for, that kind of thing.
Exhibit G - I am now receiving emails and catalogs for Valentine's !

So there you have it.... Christmas is over. Happy New Year!


amy flege said...

yes, its about time!

Heth said...

Exhibit G- Target has their swimwear out. Ridiculous.

Ann said...

I've been so busy moving and all! I have a lot of catching up to do! I'll be back soon :)