Thursday, January 17, 2008

I figured out how to get wireless internet here. If you want to stay in the hotel room, you stand by the entrydoor, hold your laptop above your head with one hand, and click intermittently between networks to get one that will connect. It works! It’s a little hard to balance, but if that’s what it takes…

We overslept this morning. We missed breakfast and had to go straight to meetings. Good thing I brought those pop tarts along from home. The girls stayed in the hotel room and did homework in the morning. I didn’t tell them the news that school was cancelled at home. They would have probably chosen not to do the homework after all.

One meeting we went to was interesting for sure. It was on publicity. I found her tips of the trade quite useful.

I am very proud of my husband and his father. They have built a good business. They are well-respected here among their peers. I often get pulled into “my world” when we are at home, and forget that they are the number one builder with this company in the state we live. They are the experts in this field that many people turn to for advice. We kept getting tapped on the shoulder and asked questions and suggestions and tips from others.

The girls have been pacified most of the day with $10 for video games and a lot of waterpark fun. Their eyes lit up incredibly when Shawn handed them the money and said they could spend it ALL on videogames if they wanted. They immediately started figuring out how they could save some of the money to buy Dippin’ Dots too.

The chef at this hotel kept up his reputation with lunch this afternoon. It was baked chicken and noodles with a mushroom sauce, and green beans so fresh you could hear them crunch. It was served with a purple flower on the side. I kept wondering if any of the homebuilder / construction crew people at the meeting cared much about the presentation of the meal… or was it just me? The dessert – my favorite part of the day – was a cherry crisp with whipped cream. The cherry filling was perfect – not too tart and not too sweet, but a bit of both.

We have a bit of a break and then we get to go to the Expo – which, to me, is the best part of the week. You get to walk around to the vendors we use in our homes, and see all the new things they are coming out with, enter the drawings they have, get FREE PENS (I always know a good company when they give away a really good free pen to their customers)… and they have food and drinks at all the booths to sample.

We got several inches of snow here in the last day or two, and if the weatherman is correct, we may be driving home tomorrow afternoon in a blizzard. OR – egads! – staying another night. (for our safety of course)

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TOTALLY enjoying reading about your adventure!!!