Wednesday, January 23, 2008


1. You know it's cold when you are at work for an hour and a half and you still haven't taken off your winter coat.

2. We have a "stinky" in our house. It's funny because it's the master bathroom. And we all thought it was "something" someone else did... until last night we realized it was sewer gas. Real smart eh? And yeah, we build houses for a living.

3. I impulse bought something today that I think I may forever regret. I'm embarassed to say what it is.

4. Shawn's birthday is in 2 weeks and I have no ideas of what to buy him. See, buying a gift for him is a real challenge. First you have to figure out what he would want. Then, you have to get it... but part of the gift for him is to pay the least possible price to get it. So, if he really wants it AND it's a STEAL, you have bought the right gift. But, there are so many rules to gift buying for him that I usually fail. I'd really like to succeed somehow. I was thinking about one of these. But, they're like $100 or something and he would kill me if I spent that kind of money on one of those. So, if I can find a GOOD bargain on one, then it might be a good idea. (Except that when he reads this blog he will know what I'm getting and then it won't be a good gift any longer).
Maybe I should give him the thing I impulse bought today and pretend I did it for him.

5. I haven't had any coffee today and I really NEED it.

6. Em is learning a new african song at school and she has been singing it constantly. It's an adorable song with a really great rhythm and she sings it so well. But, nobody knows what they are saying and I keep wondering if it's something bad or naughty. So, I asked her what she thought it said. She didn't know. We made up some words that were good and fun. So, moral of the story: It doesn't matter what you SAY, it's what you THINK you are SAYING that matters right? hehe...

7. I read Beth Moore's blog yesterday. And seriously. She has one post with like 2242 comments on it. I feel special when I get 4 or more! Do they really read every comment?? That's incredible.

8. Still haven't found my life journal. I am really in a swivet over this.

9. I have a new Word of the Day Calendar. Yesterday's word was "swivet". It's a pretty useful word to know. Today's word is "vertiginous" – which means "marked by, affected with, or tending to cause dizziness (2) inclined to frequent and often pointless change: inconstant (3) marked by turning". I am not sure that I will use that word much.

10. I have so many random thoughts today it is making me vertiginous.


Diana said...

Thanks for the defenition. I was just contemplating whether or not to do the dictionary thing or not, when I glanced ahead and saw you did it for me! Thanks. As for the birthday idea, pick one up at the store, any one, and paste his photo over the face. It's a truly cheap solution. Did you notice I used the word cheap instead of bargain or economical? I'm afraid it would truly be cheap!!!!

Diana said...

oh yeah, about your journal, the pen came back, so the journal will turn up....

Linda said...

Well, let me add coment 3 to almost make your day. Thank you so much for commenting at my place, 2nd cup of coffee today. I see we have coffee and LOST in common. So you like words? Have you played You must. I can totally relate to #1 in your post today. Happens all the time. I need to know what #3 is. #7: I know! What is UP with that? 8,9,10: Good job of vocabulary application. Please come back and see me sometime. I'm enjoying perusing your posts.

Heth said...

I love you.