Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She Speaks!

There is a scholarship brewing over at Lysa TerKeurst's website. It's a scholarship for the She Speaks Conference in June I've been thinking about attending. I decided that it would be a very wise decision to try for this scholarship... since my husband has been on this blasted budget and faithfully adhering to Dave Ramsey lately. With a scholarship, I may be able to pursuade him that this is a necessary investment into our lives and ministry.


“Why I would like to go to the ‘She Speaks’ Conference
“Lord please make my Dull Dishwater blog stand out among the entries to win!”.

This entry is the result of a big process! I wrote and re-wrote a bazillion times what I could/should/would say about why I want to go to the ‘She Speaks’ Conference. I started to give my testimony about how I ended up where I am today in ministry, but it was just too. Stinking. Long. I would have bored you to death. Not that I still won’t.

I then resorted to writing about all the benefits I would gain from attending the conference. The list was so serious it made me cry.

After reading my entry over and over, I deleted it. Again. I wanted to tell about how I have been looking at different women’s ministry leadership conferences and sending random suggestive emails to our Pastor’s Wife hoping she’d get the hint I thought we should go.

In the end, the truth is this conference won. It just won. That’s it. It looks like the most fun. The Proverbs 31 website designer needs to hear kudos from me. The site is beautiful and attractive. I am drawn to a great design package, and it really works for me. The colors, the graphics, the fonts… the website sucked me in…and so I read more about it and found that the conference is exactly what our Women’s Ministry needs right now. And hello? North Carolina? Who wouldn’t want to go there?

So there you have it. The truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. As shallow as it sounds, wrapped up in a lot of other God reasons, the bottom line, is that it looks fun. I can’t think of a better weekend than to hang out with the pastor’s wives and women ministry leaders I serve alongside and laugh and have a blasted good time in North Carolina!


Miss Sandy said...

There was nothing dull or dish watery about your post and it did stand out for its sheer honesty. I love that you want to attend for the fun, fellowship, and infilling you would receive and for what you could give out in return for the experience. I hope you are granted your desire.

Dionna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I do hope you'll come back to see me again! :)