Wednesday, January 02, 2008

pen plunder

Dear unknown pen pirate,

I am sorry. You were probably unaware that the pen you (perhaps accidentally) "acquired" was my favorite of all favorites. Undoubtably, you were unaware of the great significance of this particular quill. You surely had no knowledge that it is one-of-a-kind in my potpourri of utensils.

Please let me inform you that the instrument now in your possession is of utmost value to me. I urge you to immediately reinstate this item to it's original place (my desk)... if done so within 48 hours, no questions will be asked, and no charges will be pressed.

IF you choose to ignore this warning and urging to recompense, be assured that your conscience shall surely convict you immeasurably and may your mind be consumed and overcome with incomparable guilt!


Devoted Pen Collector Extraordinaire


Anonymous said...

uh i admit it. i took it. i wanted it. it is soooo nice. in fact i am using it even now as you read this. ahh, amazing.
one of a kind indeed... conscience, what conscience. i don't have one. i laugh away the guilt. ah in fact i write the words "devoted pen collector" with such a smooth pen, it makes me giddy.
not really. i didn't do it. but i will seek the one out who did... and maybe.. take it.

T said...

you laugh. you scoff. but I shall find it again! your fate is frightening.

momzie said...

wasn't me, but I would love to see your pen collection. Maybe even test drive a few. I promise not to tuck any in my pocket when you aren't looking! I, too, have favorite pens and search all over the house for one of them before I can start my journal.
May your pen find it's way home to you soon. Do you have a picture of is so we know what to watch for??

Ann said...

Ooh! Is it a squiggly pen? You know, the kind that make squiggles as you try to write. I love squiggly pens.

your favorite aunt said...

t, did you look in your purse...or behind your ear? ha!

mandy said...

gosh. i feel so normal now... i, too, have a love affair with pens. my husband and i had lunch at a restaurant today, and the waitress dropped off a shiny blue pen to sign the tab...
oooohhhhh..... i thought about stealing it. but then realized it wouldn't be the christian thing to do - especially on a sunday.

i'll just have to live without it

Diana said...

just wondering how the search is coming, any hot leads? I must warn you though, I have found pens to be a little like socks, they just seem to disappear!