Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We skipped town yesterday.
We're on our way to some business meetings and we decided to go a day early and visit Lindsey at school. We had some stuff to deliver to her - her car for one thing. :) But then of course the other important things she left at Christmas break - her favorite shoes, her travel coffee mug... the important things she can't live without.

So, we grabbed a hotel on the way and spent the night there. We made Lindsey pack a bag and stay with us for a quick getaway and fun snuggle with her little sisters. Seriously, I love hotelling - some people like camping, some people like travelling... I love hotelling. No cleaning, no cooking, housekeepers that bring you clean towels and take away the mess when you leave. I was born to hotel. There is nothing like it. (Well, the bed was a little lumpy but that's the only bad part). And I had to get up a hundred times in the night to adjust the heat on and off. That was bad too. And I really didn't sleep all that well. That was kind of bad. But, really, I love it.

I plan on updating my blog frequently throughout the next few days just for the fun of it. I'll pretend I'm taking notes in the business meeting :).

It's 7:45am. I am showered, dressed, and have in hand a triple grande carmel macchiatto from the Starbucks across the street. I've read the USA Today (er...well, okay, I'm not that sophisticated... but I read the headlines on the first page).... you know, skimmed it ... like the rest of the business travellers here. That's really all you need to do.

The girls (we brought the two youngest with us) have just woke up and skitted down to the "breakfast" to see what was there... the report? oatmeal, waffles, cereal, muffins, milk, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, these wierd bacon egg and cheese biscuit things you have to warm up... and the nice lady has a tray that she will give them to bring some things up to us if we want them to. (which we do but we're pressed for time so we will just grab on the way out the door)

We're headed to another town now... a couple hours drive away... and I'll let you know how the week progresses.

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His Girl said...

I too LOVE hoteling. Seriously LOVE it. All the way!!!

Hope you have a blast- I'll be watching for updates!