Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was tagged for this meme from Ann so I thought I'd play along.

Here are the rules:
(1) Link to the person that tagged you. (I did above...so go and say hi to Ann)
(2) Post the rules on your blog. (That's what this is)
(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Now the hard part. 6 non-important things/habits/quirks huh? I should ask my family because I can't remember them all.

1. I am crazy insane about my floor being clean. I tell people I don't care about it, and it's just not true. It's a wood floor - and it always looks smudgey or dusty to me and it makes me totally crazy inside so I have to sweep and mop it. Lately I have been busy and I haven't been able to clean it so I thought I was healed, and then this morning, I couldn't sleep cuz I had a lot on my mind so I got up and cleaned the whole floor at 3am. It just makes me feel better....less stressed inside.

2. I have a thing about thin-rimmed cups and glasses. I have grown over the years to be able to drink out of thicker-rimmed glasses, but I really prefer thin rims. It's just more comfortable.

3. I hate "floaties" in my water. I don't know what those things are but some places have them and I can't drink the water. Someone told me once they were particles from ice chips or something but they don't melt. It makes me grossed out. Can someone tell me what in the world that is? Nate? You there? Help me out here.

4. I have said this more than once on my blog, but let me just say it again because it is important enough to repeat. I. Love. Makeup. obsessively. relentlessly. compulsively. it's the truth.

5. I don't like moths. I get all freaked out when moths are around. I am not afraid they are going to hurt me...duh. I'm not that stupid. I just don't like their erratic flight pattern. They are nerve-wracking. seriously.

This is really taking some thought you know.

6. When I sit down to journal or do devotions or Bible Study, or write a note to someone... I have to use a "special" pen. I have a couple of them... and I keep them in a special place. But, sometimes I don't put them back where I found them and I have to look a little bit. But, if I don't have them, I can't write. It's really odd, I know. But, you don't understand. I have a relationship with these pens. They know me. Only "pen people" - and you know who you are - understand a relationship with a pen. shout out to my pen comrades!

Okay...that's it. 6 pretty darn random quirks I have. Just because I feel like hearing what their quirks are, I think I will be daring and tag Leigh-Dreas, Chris , Picket Fences, His Girl, Hippy Chicken Girl, and Notes from the Desk of


Ann said...

I had wood floors in our previous house. I could never keep them from getting spots and smudges and it drove me crazy too.

This was a fun read, T! Oh! and just the other day the Tortelitha song was running through my head (you remember it don't you? Tortelitha, Tortelee-hee-tha...)

His Girl said...

Hey! My first tag! It'll be my next post after my orlando series! haha. love reading about your quirks... can't wait to think about what mine are (i'm pretty sure there are some pretty odd ones lurking in my brain!)

Heth said...


PJ said...

Another Pen Person!! So nice to meet you. On the way home from work today, I had to stop and buy some pens -- they HAVE TO BE rolling writers. They CAN'T be retractable -- those are just common pens!! I was so frustrated at school today, I could find a single GOOD pen. (I have a drawer full that I lend/give to kids -- the dozen for $1 ones. Yuck!! I can't WRITE with those!

Oh, and if you can't find a dirty floor at your house, I usually have the family room floor by the fireplace that needs mopping. It either has tracked in gunk from bringing in wood, or ash, etc from the fireplace!! 3 AM is fine. Just come on over, I'll leave the door off the latch!!! LOL

Linda said...

Hey, thanks for your kind comments about my daughter's shoes. And that is a line I never dreamed I would ever say to a stranger on line! Isn't it funny how blogging works, when you think about it?? I loved your answers to this meme. I have a wood floor that is approximately 20 x 20, and it is a bear to keep clean all the time. I find that dust and dirt show way more than they did on carpet. Great list!