Saturday, January 12, 2008

i spoke too soon

I said a couple days ago that we got a package of yummy chocolates from germany.

Julia really knows us well!

I spoke too soon.

We got two more yesterday.

oh the bliss.

toffifee, ferrero, giotto, milka,knusper kugeln, lindt, kinder schokolade, smarties (m&m filled hollow chocolate, ritter, and raffaello to die for....

I saved the best for last. Feodora Mocca's and Mocca's Orange.

Now this may be a real problem for me. I may have to find out where and how I can buy this and make up an imaginary friend to buy it for, hide them, and eat them all myself in one full swoop. They are chocolate flavored with coffee. good chocolate. really really really really good chocolate. Let me see if I can describe. Pop it into your mouth like you would grab a chocolate chip out of the cabinet (you know, the stash you hide from your family). It starts with really good dark chocolate melting in your mouth. Then... wait... something else. coffee. you are in choco-coffee bliss.

I don't think the german packaging has to follow the us rules of listing the calories and such on their boxes. good thing. anyway, i would choose not to translate.

75 grams of mocca divine. my life could end now.

I have fully gorged myself until I think I am going to be sick. But then I went to bed last night and an amazing thing happened. I woke up feeling better. So, now I can gorge again.

I am in choco heaven.


Heth said...

Is she vying for favorite daughter?

Diana said...

maybe you could give her my address?