Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today is Shera's birthday!

I was thinking about you this morning, Shera.
I was 16 years old when I met your brother. You were 6. I pictured sweet little Em right now at the age of 7 and I can't believe that I knew you when you were that young! It seems nearly impossible.

I remember babysitting you when your folks would go on trips. I remember helping you (uh... you helping me is more like it) with your piano lessons. --- by the way, I still know how to play the Swan song! Thanks! Was that the year I attempted to help your mom make that piano cake for your birthday? My cake baking skills were so unrefined back then!

I remember the times we went to the movie together, watching cartoons (Go SMURFS!) together...

I remember your junior high variety show.

I loved watching you grow from hating the smell of my perfume and makeup to teaching ME about perfume and makeup. And watching you go through the "clothing" stages I now see my kids go through... you know, the big sloppy baggy junior high years... until you finally find your style.

And now, years later (I won't say how many), you are a beautiful young women, engaged to be married to a great man, and I can still remember your bright blonde hair and big precious eyes when you were six and seven and eight and nine and ten....

I am so glad to have been a part of your life, to have known you so much of mine. You are not a typical sister-in-law. You are a sister and a friend.

I love you Shera, Happy Birthday!


moe said...

My husband has a relationship like that with his older brother in law. His brother in law watched him grow up and now they are friends and equals.

You commented on my site and I wanted to reply but, I can't find your email. You said a retreat should be sending everyone else away and staying home. I loved the idea. Especially the part about my house staying clean for a whole hour. I have got to try that sometime.

Heth said...

Happy Birthday Shera!

Angela said...

Happy birthday, Shera! I hope it was a wonderful one.

shra said...

hey thanks! that was an ((aw shucks)) post...i didn't see it until today since i'm sicky...and I don't check blogs unless i'm at work(go figure)it is crazy to think we've known each other that long.

shra said...

poor you! had to sit thru MY jr. high variety show...ages ago...and youre still sitting thru them now! please let it be less than 3 hours long this year.