Wednesday, March 01, 2006

my sister

My sister is coming for a visit today!
I haven't seen her for over two years. She lives in Washington, and both of our lives are busy and filled. So, we don't take the time to visit each other. The last time we saw each other was at a wedding in Arizona (my half-sister's) two years ago in April ---- or was that three years ago???? omg I can't remember.

At any rate, it's been too long! I'm hoping to get the chance to take a day or two off work and do some fun stuff. I'm not really sure what that means around here.... uh... Wal-mart? I had been looking at going to a tea room or something (not really my thing normally, but hey, she might like it), do a little mall shopping, etc...

It'll just be fun to hang out and drink coffee together!

Tammy and I used to be really close. We are 4 years apart and we played all the time when we were little.... then, of course, when we were a little older, we fought like crazy. She got married when she was 17 so she moved out of the house when I was 13. Life has taken us in so many directions.

I love my sister dearly. I can't wait to see her.


Heth said...

Oh how fun!

Just go sit at Panera for a few hours and catch up. Eat the German Chocolate pastry, it's to die for.

Beefy said...

Panera - good idea! Cold Stone Creamery is always good.

I used to strongly dislike my sister, and now we're great friends. She actually just picked me up at 10:00 tonight when I just got out of the shower to go grab some fries at McDonalds. Still had the towel on my head - people stared.

leighdrea said...

has she warn you out yet?