Saturday, March 11, 2006

she's there!

Haleigh made it to Chicago in 5 1/2 hours. Whew! She didn't get lost, she had good directions....

oh, and she had a mom to talk to all the way there. :)

Yes, I admit, I called her as soon as I finished my last post. I just wanted to check in... but .... she wanted me to keep talking. She was bored out of her mind and needed someone to talk to. So... I talked to her. But, believe me... it was BORING! :) I'd rather be bored with her on the phone than have her fall asleep at the wheel.

So, I let Lindsey talk to her for a while, then Shawn for a while. She had called Hannah twice, Megan once... she was cracking me up. She was in great spirits and having a wonderful time... even though it was boring.

Spring Break here we come! I know windy Chicago isn't the ideal spring break location, in a dorm room downtown Chicago. BUT... it's what this midwestern budget could handle.

And here --- it's supposed to be 64 degrees outside today! Spring is on the way!!! Enjoy your weekend bloggers.

1 comment:

Heth said...

So glad she made it ok. You are a super mom, talking her all the way there.

She's gonna have a great time.