Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Angry Beavers

Thought I'd blog about Shawn's favorite cartoon. The Angry Beavers. It's not on anymore.The show was about two beaver brothers trying to make it on their own. Apparently their mom had a new litter and they got booted. Norbert is the calm, collected one with the brains, a rather large ego, and a desire to be accepted by Barry (“Mr. Cool”). Daggett is the nervous one who doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. Total opposites. That’s what makes the show so funny. Some of the things they get into are absolutely hilarious. The writers are great, and the animaters are awesome.

Some episodes are really gross and some are down totally stupid. Maybe that's why Shawn likes it so much.

What in the name of Aunt Eileen's cabbageless coleslaw is going on? Why did Nickelodeon cancel this show? I decided to try to find out. I googled it : "Why did Nickelodeon cancel Angry Beavers". Get straight to the point. No need to beat around the bush with Google.

It seems, after much research... that Angry Beavers was cancelled amid some controversy. hmmm... very interesting.

The controversy started in 1998, just one year after the show started in 1997 with some verbage Nick didn't like. The show ended in 2001 --- apparently the last show was supposed to be "Bye Bye Beavers" which told kids that the beavers were going off the air. But, Nick doesn't like to end shows that way... they prefer to run reruns for years and years and pretend more shows are being written.

If you are like Shawn and you like the Angry Beavers. You can sign the petition started to Bring Back the Angry Beavers.

By the way... still moving! Thought I'd get that in there too!

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Heth said...

I totally just signed the petition, that was the best show ever. I have wondered what happened to it. Shawn has wonderful taste in television.