Saturday, September 17, 2005


We are moving.
It's quite a challenge for us, to say the least.
The worst part is, we have to do it twice.

In the meantime, we have to move all our stuff to a house half the size we have now. I see it as a great "opportunity" to say the least.

However, Shawn is scared.

Somehow some of his stuff never makes it when we move... gosh, I wonder how that happens?

It's not the tools I mind, or the books, or the hobbies. Those are usually organized and untouched, thus easy to pack. It's the piles and piles of cardboard squares, the empty tin cans, the architural digest magazines from 1982, the moldy books, the pieces of wire, the broken electonics, the 790 million empty 5 gallon buckets, and the stockpile of writing pads (that nobody can touch). Those are the wierd items that typically test our marriage, and my "fruit of the spirit".
He keeps wierd things. But, I love him anyway. I lose things. He loves me. That's a good thing.

Of course, depending on who I have packing with me, I might have a battle of my own waging... the last time we moved, I "didn't need" two complete sets of dishes, a complete set of silverware, and many many many other items as well.

I'm wondering... maybe we should each pack our own stuff... it could be a world war.


Heth said...

I didn't realize this move was happening so soon!! What are the actual dates?

T said...

we're shooting for being totally out by Oct. 20, we'd like to be out by Oct. 10.
Do you want a red piano to replace the one you threw into the road?

Heth said...

Sorry, I would LOVE a piano, but there is no more room in this little house. We have dressers in closets for goodness sake.