Thursday, September 15, 2005

blah blah blah

I have nothing to say right now. It's that writers block thing again (see muse apnea blog entry from August 7).
But, I am so dedicated to this blog that I will write even when I have nothing to say.

Pretty uneventful day. I took abbie to practice at 6am, went to work at 7am, had a lunch appt that didn't show so I didn't take a lunch break, worked 'til 4:30, came home, cooked supper, ate, went to church, came home, blog. Of course, lots of things happened in each of those headings...

Let me try again to make it sound more exciting:

took abbie to practice at 6am - wore my pjs, no makeup, no hair, and slept most of the way there...thought about what would I do if I got pulled over or had car trouble made mental note not to do that again.

went to work at 7am - stopped at kwik star first and bought coffee cuz I didn't feel like making it at work, ... did a bunch of stuff at work --- like about 4 days worth of work, just maniac, maybe I should take the rest of the week off just because i did so much... had to update some employee files - some good, some bad. sometimes i think i could write a whole entire, very comical, blog about how really really insane it is to have employees. some of them come up with the craziest excuses for things they do/don't do at work. ( employee: "i'm late because i had so much fun playing with my kid this morning, i just couldn't leave" ... me: "that's very nice, i appreciate that you love your children. we can make arrangements for you to spend ALL of your time with her if you'd like")

had lunch appt that didn't show so didn't take a lunch break: and it was a prayer walk appt. (not work related). I guess I didn't know it was prayer AND fasting.

worked til 4:30 - afternoons are usually reserved for the "get my job done first" customers. They like to call in the afternoons. But, I had to do payroll today too. AND we had 3 people (friends or former customers) stop by for tours of the new office. it really is a cool place. you should come tour.

came home - wow. pretty uneventful. just drove straight here.

cooked supper - if you call it that. it was the wednesday-night-eat-and-rush-off-to-church version of a family meal. aka hotdogs and tatertots.

ate - again. pretty uneventful.

went to church - helped in the sound booth - had a bizillion tapes to copy so only heard bits and pieces of the service.

came home - realized no food was put away, threw away the hotdogs and tatertots, didn't do the dishes, or bother wiping the counter. nah... do it later.

blog - hm... i guess it really wasn't worth recapping was it. it didn't get much more exciting. i can't even embellish it decent.

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Heth said...


It was fun to read about an average day in the life of T. And I feel so happy that you left your kitchen a mess. Thanks for being authenic.