Saturday, September 10, 2005

Shawn is gone to PK this weekend. He'll be back late tonight though... not a long weekend.
Funny how wives act when the man is gone.

no cooking
I casually dropped by my mother-in-laws when she was making blts for supper --- oh, eat here? nah... we have stuff at home (lie)... oh, you insist? oh okay.. if you insist.

no cleaning
We banned the cleaning lady from the budget, but I didn't tell her. She came last night. I didn't say anything about the ban.... maybe he'll think I did it....

no fighting
the kids were so quiet. Lindsey was at an away fball game. Abb and Em played Bratz dolls (You know, Abb said she was just "being nice" to Em, she doesn't really like to do that kind of thing.. she's too old). They played until Abbie suddenly fell asleep on the bed.... Em was still going though.

no bedtime
I stayed up late messin with stuff... should have been packing to move! but I took the time to just dink around with my junk at my desk.

and then there is shopping. that's today.

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Heth said...

So is the cleaning lady money becoming shopping money? That would be a good trade off I think. Who needs a clean house anyway....

Actually we do, you could send her over here. Or I could just put the kids to work today. I think I will go with that plan. *heth cracks the whip*

And how about a blog report on all your fabulous purchases. I can't wait to hear what you buy.