Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I wonder how many times I will write that we are still moving. ? Seriously, nobody should have this much stuff.
The good thing is... gramma marge is still providing meals. We're actually thinking we might tell her we're still moving even when we're done. Just for the food.
Tonight is tacos/burritos from a bar here in town. We're not really bar supporters, just good burrito supporters.
I spent a teensy weensy bit of time on the internet today shopping for furniture. Furniture shopping is so fun. More so when you get to BUY it and not just LOOK at it. But, I found the cutest sectional from storehouse. They have the best stuff! It's a little out of my pricerange though. But, I'm going to send a photo of it to my friend at Simpsons to see if she can copy it in a cheaper version. :) I love the color mostly. I could probably get any old thing in that color and love it. It would look awesome with my black lectern recliners.

Emily is having fun with the move. She said "I like the new house, cuz I get to share a room with Abbie, but sometimes Abbie is mean to me and it's kind of crowded in here so I will like the new new house too, but I really just want my new bed". She got a new bed. It's a trundle bed. She calls it a "bed bed". Cuz it's a bed with a bed.
Why is the time always wrong on the bottom of my thing when I post? Right now it says 2:50pm and it's really 5:02pm. I always have to change it.


Heth said...

I always have to change the time too.

Ok, I LOVE that sectional. It is very very nice. Where did you get the trundle? We are wanting to do that in the boys' room and Nate is supposed to be making it. He's quite a carpenter.

Let us know when we can come over. Throw yourself a house warming party or somthing.

liese said...

I agree with heth, we should have a party at your house and see how many people we can fit inside all at once!!!!

T said...

you know only 2 or 3 can fit at one time! :)
Hey... let's have a party Saturday! It'll be a progressive party. Start at the old house, carry a box or two - end up at the new house! :)

Angela said...

The time posts as Pacific time from the time you begin writing your post. And if I had been here Saturday, I would have helped you move!