Friday, September 23, 2005

that SMELL

Ever smell those "smells" in your kitchen and wonder where they are coming from?
We came home from v-ball yesterday. I walked in the house and smelled it. I thought "what is that smell?". Then, one by one, each member of my family followed me in the house and I listened as they all repeated the same question: "What IS that smell?".

"It's coming from the bathroom"... "No, I think it's the laudry room." ... "Is the garbage from the garage coming in after us?".... "When was the last time you cleaned out the fridge?".... "It's definately inSIDE the house"...

Everyone sniffed around for a while, Shawn sprayed some stuff in the garbage. The garbage was only 1/10 full, so we couldn't take it out yet. We would waste a whole bag.

We each got busy, did our own thing.... and the smell didn't bother us so much.

We went to bed, got up the next morning,... it was back. that SMELL. This time nobody commented. Were we getting used to it?

I finally did something radical. I threw out the trash 1/10 full.

The smell is gone.


Heth said...

Wait a minute.....I thought taking the trash out was supposed to be Shawn's job. Way to go, way to do whatever it takes. Good thing it wasn't a dead mouse in the duct work or somthing.

liese said...

Shawn's job, I thought that was deligated to Lynsey.

Angela said...

Very nice - hopefully it wasn't around long enough to get those annoying fruit flies. Yuck.