Monday, September 26, 2005

steak, mcdonalds, goulash

Thank God for my mother in law. She is so nice.
For the past few days, she's been providing our meals while we work and move.
Tonight it's goulash. and very good I might add.

Shawn went to a contractors steak night. hm... what a trade off.

It's so funny though. Cuz normally at mom's, Monday night is McDonalds night. Shawn's bro Shelly is so cute. He has to have McDonalds every Monday night. And he has it down to a science. His favorite show starts at 8. So, he writes a list... same list every week, 2 fish sandwiches no cheese extra tarter sauce, large fries, orange pop. Even McDonald's workers know Shellys order. But, he still writes the list. And he brings it upstairs at exactly 7:30. If you are in a hurry or want to go early, or try to do it sooner, he gets mad. And believe me you don't want to make shelly mad. You can't leave until 7:30. Not a minute before.

Tonight I'm on McDonalds Duty. So, better go!

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