Wednesday, September 14, 2005


We went to meetings today in des moines.
oh my gosh, why are meetings so boring?
how long can you sit around and talk about current housing market trends and marketing strategies.... what the company does well and doesn't do well....... i woke shawn up twice. it was really boring though....

All in all, it was pretty lucrative. I drew some really cool doodles. At lunch, I told the group of men I ate with that the waiter had cute hair. I applied lip gloss a minimum of 5 times.

In the end, the new president and ceo of the company told me he wrote my name down to invite me to a marketing strategy meeting he is planning in a few months.... thought I'd be a great asset to the team... hm... I wonder if it was the berry lip gloss or the cute dog doodle.

1 comment:

Heth said...

It was definately the lip gloss. After five applications, I'm sure your lips were in perfect condition.

Did they leave the waiter a big tip because of his hair?

You will have to get yourself a new lip gloss especially for that next meeting you were invited to. The success of your business lies solely on your color selection.