Friday, September 09, 2005

homegrown vet

I should have been a vet.
Warning: don't read this if you have a weak stomach.

Our kitty had a spot on her leg she was really sensitive about. For a week she was ornery - is that really a word? - every time we would come close to it. We looked and looked and could not find a thing. So, last night lindsey finally found a spot. And when she looked at it closer, it exploded Osmosis Jones style with yellowy slimy pus. She freakd out and brought her to me. I dug in and examined her like any good vet would... applied a bit of pressure around the affected area where the abscess was located, and lo and behold, the vestication continued to deplete the secretion ---- for a long long time. It was gross. But, on the other hand,... kind of fun.
Shawn was a wimp and sat in the corner gagging the whole time while Lindsey and I performed our operation.

In the morning I took her to the vet to check it out. He looked at her and said "she can go home, she looks good". I said "Are you sure, cuz it was really infected last night". He was surprised it was that bad, after my lengthy detailed description. And he said "Well, you did the right thing, cuz it looks good now".

I told him it was fun, and we swapped stories about how far the fluid can shoot across the room - he has some pretty good stories.

Like I said, I should a been a vet.

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Heth said...

That is disgusting.

Didn't the cat bite you or claw your when you were messing with it's wound? Good job though, you did your good deed for the week.