Friday, September 30, 2005

imaginary friends

Shawn picked Em up at school and had to go to the other school to get Abb. While they were waiting, Emily said "There's Jennifer's sister."
"Over there by the tree."
"I don't see anyone by the tree"
"Duh... Dad... you know, Jennifer"
"I don't see anyone by the tree."
"Dad... Jennifer Carson..."
"My imaginary friend, Jennifer Carson"

He finally understood. Jennifer's sister would not be real because Jennifer is not real. She is imaginary. Her entire family is imaginary.

This morning, I said "Em, so... how many people are actually in Jennifer's family?"
hm..... interesting character. I started to worry a bit.
"Emily.... do you actually see Jennifer?"
"Yeah, I'm the only one though... unless I snap my finger a special way, then other people can see her."

I saw the movie A Beautiful Mind. I wonder.... when does that all start?

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