Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I think coffee has got to be one of my absolute favorite things.
When I filled out a survey the other day, they asked what your hobbies were.
I wrote coffee.
When did coffee become a hobby?
It used to be known as a beverage.
Now... a hobby.
You can only understand coffee as a hobby, if it is one of your hobbies.
Those of you who have a coffee-hobby completely understand me.
Those of you that don't, still see it as only a beverage, and don't understand what I am even saying.
Funny thing is. I used to hate coffee.
I remember one time, when I could not stand coffee.
I agreed with Shawn, it tasted like an ashtray.
I decided to try it. Just to stay awake when I was working the third shift.
It was hard to drink.
I drank it way watered down. More like tea.
Once when i was just starting Shawn's aunt Karen made a pot of coffee, when I was at Gramma J's house.
It was soooooo black, I had to secretly dump it out.
Now I sometimes wonder if people dump out mine for that same reason.
How do I like it?
Well, I'd take it anyway, as long as it's strong.
But, I really really like it with a shot of caramel and half and half.
Truthfully, any old way is perfect.
lattes, cappacinos, coffee with creamer, frappacinos, ...

I use coffee as my alarm clock sometimes.
That is the best way to wake up.
Set the timer on the coffeemaker.
Then, as you smell that brew in the morning, it wakes you up and carries you to the kitchen.

I wonder if I should have an entire blog about cofffee.
I wanted to start a ministry once, centered around coffee and study.
I haven't given up on that dream.
My ultimate all time dream would be to own a coffee shop.

Coffee is almost like a secret society hobby.
You only know how good it is if you are in the "club".
If you are on the outside, you will never know what you are missing.

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liese said...

You Know I can relate!!!!!!!!!

I have looked at it as a tool for fellowship! (more like an excuse for coffee.)

This was the best blog! And yu think yu have nothing to say???